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EDAN Exhibited at AACC 2017, San Diego, USA


Edan, as a healthcare company dedicated to improving the human condition around the world by delivering value-driven, innovative and high-quality medical products and services(Stock Code: 300206), showcased our latest in-vitro diagnostics products at the 69th AACC, the most important Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in America, in San Diego USA ,from August 1st-3rd.

During AACC, the new hematology analyzer H50 has been unveiled by Edan’s CEO Mr. Hao Zhang, Chief Scientist Vice President Doctor Lin Chao, Professor Michael Noeh, International Sales Department General Manager Mr. Jack Xie and Executive Director of Global Marketing & Strategic Planning Mr. Alex You.

The speech themed “Smart inside, Small outside” addressed by Professor Michael Noeh captured the attention of all the audience.

H50, 5-part auto hematology analyzer
Based on the mature technical platform and user-oriented design, H50 comes as updated 5-part auto hematology analyzer with the state of the art technology, simple operation, fewer reagent consumption and better performance. It is a much smaller but favorable package that fits all clinical situations.H30, the 3-part hematology analyzer is our first step to enter hematology industry. H50, the much updated 5-part auto hematology analyzer with the state of the art technology, simple operations, fewer reagents, better performance, advanced internal structure by design, all in a smaller more affordable package that will fit any clinician budget and space. 

m16 Magnetic Immunoassay System
m16, a POCT magnetic immunoassay system is also on display at the exhibition. It provides high sensitivity results with better stability in a shorter test period by its unique GMR sensor. Multi-parameters available in one test cartridge and expandable test menu help m16 become a competitive product among the commercial POCT diagnostic products.