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EDAN Exhibited at Medica 2015


As a leading medical device manufacturer and technology innovator, EDAN Instruments, Inc. (Stock Code: 300206), on its 20th year after establishment, again participated in MEDICA 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany from Nov 16th to 19th.

Showcasing its latest developments across key product lines, EDAN hosts two booths at MEDICA, with IVD and POCT exhibiting in 3K64, and ultrasound imaging, obstetrics & gynecology, patient monitoring and diagnostic ECG in 11C77.


This year, EDAN introduced its latest colloidal gold-labeled quantitative immunoassay analyzer CT3, 3-part differential automated hematology analyzer H-30, wireless DECG & MECG solution, 18-lead diagnostic ECG SE-18, PC ECG workstation SE-1515, and some new modules for elite series modular monitors.

CT3 & H-30

CT3 is designed as a POCT lateral flow immunoassay analyzer with high throughout. Accepting diverse sample types, more than 30 popular parameters are available, covering oncology, cardiology, hormones and infectious.

As a new compact immunoassay analyzer, H-30 includes maximum possibilities into an exquisite smaller size design. With low blood consumption, it provides a full set of fast readings covering most critical care requirements.


Wireless DECG & MECG

As an advanced wireless solution for fetal monitoring, FTS-3 telemetry system allows seamless monitoring without interfering cables. By expanding the parameters with wireless DECG & MECG functions, FTS-3 has become a more comprehensive system for different clinical occasions.

Without sacrificing any mobility, the expanded wireless direct ECG function could ensure seamless monitoring even in cases of high risk pregnancy. Meanwhile, the wireless maternal ECG could help track the mother’s condition, while benefiting from the signal overlap verification in distinguishing the fetal heart rate from the maternal heart rate.


SE-18 & SE-1515 Diagnostic ECG

The flagship ECG SE-18 is a professional ECG system, delivering advanced functions and reliable interpretation to increase clinicians’ productivity. It facilitates 9/12-lead ECG, and also easily conducts an expanded 15/16/18 diagnosis with additional pluggable leadwires.

Besides, the integrated comprehensive ECG workstation SE-1515 is also exhibited. The versatile PC software, combining with the exquisite ECG sampling boxes, provides efficient access to diverse applications including 18/16/15/12/9-lead resting ECG, stress test, ECG data management and ECG network gateway.


V-AG & V-LINK & EFM Modules

To enhance general anesthesia applications of elite V series, a set of brand new Dräger AG modules is introduced, together with a V-LINK module, serving for NMT and anesthesia machine integrations.

To answer for transport monitoring requirements, a plug-and-play EFM module is also presented on iM20, with Respironics LoFloTM inside.